1 In 2  people

around the world suffers from oral disease, and underserved populations are disproportionately at risk. 

At Unspoken Smiles, we provide access to quality dental education and care to children, and dental training to women, to promote improved oral health outcomes, sustainable careers in dentistry, and economic security to disadvantaged communities.

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Our early education program provides children ages 5-12 with the oral hygiene knowledge, skills, and tools to promote lifelong healthy habits and promote optimum oral health. 

Our flexible format can be adapted to in-school or virtual settings, and is available all year round.


Our one-of-a-kind Fellowship Program provides women ages 18-40 with oral health care training and employment opportunities, so they can serve their local communities. 

Fellows will gain invaluable professional experience, build sustainable careers in dentistry, and contribute to the overall health and well-being of their communities.


Our Global Emissary Leaders are professionals inside and outside the dental community who are committed to expanding Unspoken Smiles’ network and the services we provide to countries around the globe. 

These global representatives are vital to advancing our mission and impact worldwide.

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We're passionate about solving the oral health crisis in our lifetime. -in Haiti, India, Romania, El Salvador, Guatemala, Iraq, the Dominican Republic, and the United States. 

Here's the progress we've made since we started working in 2014.






Children served

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we believe that awareness, education, and access are critical to a future without it. 

Our innovative programs provide sustainable solutions to the oral health crisis through early education programs rooted in prevention-based care, professional training in dentistry, and a global outreach network.

Oral disease is 100% preventable

Our Innovative Approach

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Our Programs

Global Impact Stories

Stephanie, Volunteer

"During the Covid-19 pandemic in NYC, I’ve had the opportunity to be a volunteer for this amazing organization. Being a part of this organization has shown me the positive impact we can provide to these children during these uncertain times & seeing how happy they are to learn. This has been such a rewarding experience to say the least. Forever grateful to be able to continue to pursue my passion for dentistry & inspired by Unspoken Smiles’ mission to promote healthy smiles to communities worldwide!”


Jhoanny, Unspoken Smiles Fellow

"Unspoken Smiles Cares so much about oral health and people around the world. They empower many into joining their movement of educating youth about oral health. They do work that has never been done before. As a volunteer, I feel that I am making a big impact in this organization. The founder Jean Paul is a very humble man with a big heart, he inspires so many of us."

Francisco. Age 6. Ecuador.

My name is Francisco and I am 6 years old. I am from Guayaquil, Ecuador. My favorite Unspoken Smiles virtual lesson plan was the Anatomy of the Mouth! Because of this program I change the way I brush my teeth. Something I learned that I did not know before are the many parts of the mouth. My favorite part of going to the dentist is finding out I have no cavities. My least favorite part is the sound of the drills.  Bye!