Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis: Unspoken Smiles Connects Career Role Models to Schools Virtually

During the last year, we have been piloting the Unspoken Smiles after-school program with a small group of students at Ember Charter Schools in Brooklyn and have seen dramatic improvements with all of our students showing an increase in their brushing routines at home and a decrease of plaques and tooth decay.

While we have seen measurable success, with school closures due to COVIT-19, the lives and routines of 1.1 million NYC children, have no doubt prompt broader upheaval in a moment of profound anxiety for New Yorkers.

That's why we launched the Unspoken Smiles Virtual classroom, a new program that connects career role models over video chat to local primary schools throughout the five boroughs on topics related to oral health and well-being.

Here's how you can become part of our virtual classrooms:

About Unspoken Smiles:

Unspoken Smiles school-based program brings together Fellows/volunteers to visit classrooms to perform age-appropriate and culturally-tailored demonstrations for oral hygiene and nutrition and to engage the children in games and activities that help them develop and maintain a healthy smile. 


Interested in teaching a class, please email us at

Interested in partnership opportunities with your school, please email us at

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