During March, the world celebrates International Women’s Month. Setting the agenda for the decade ahead, the 2020 Unspoken Smiles Women’s Month Celebration online event will feature in-depth conversations and idea exchanges around the topics of leadership, gender equality, innovation, entrepreneurship, dentistry, healthcare, the future of work, connectivity, social impact, Corona Virus and more. Now it's a good time to reflect on how amazing the women in our Unspoken Smiles community are. We asked two of them to share their experiences and advice this week: Moderator: Alyssa Paolicelli, Reporter at NY1

Panelists: Janice Kovach, Mayor of Clinton, Honorary Guest Panelist Lindsay Boylan, Candidate for U.S. Congress NY-10, Guest Panelist Follow us @unspokensmiles on social media and subscribe to our email newsletters to stay up-to-date at www.unspokensmiles.org

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