Together, we can bring primary oral health care to ALL.

Cultivating healthy habits in one’s adolescence is critical to a life of success and longevity. Through school-integrated education, Unspoken Smiles Foundation provides dental health care to families in need. Our fellowship program further builds access to long-term oral care by training local women in the community to continue providing the necessary care.

Key Focus Areas

Today, we focus on these strategic points



Women Empowerment

Economic Development

United Nations SDG







What we do

The Foundation provides early oral health treatment and education for children, and dental assistance fellowships to young local women with otherwise inadequate earning opportunities, empowering them with a sustainable career in Dentistry.

How we do it

Unspoken Smiles Foundation partners with local schools around the world to make tooth brushing a part of their everyday curriculum. This initiative involves the provision of an oral examination, pain management, infection control, and basic oral health education.

Make a kid smile today.