One of the vital ways in which we are able to implement sustainable education and disease prevention is through our Unspoken Smiles Fellowship program. Through the fellowship, we are able to create new jobs for young women in developing countries.


These new jobs help in three big ways:


  • Allows more widespread oral health education, and puts more trained individuals able to perform oral hygiene assessments and cleanings within the communities


  • More individuals armed with knowledge means raising awareness for oral health within the communities


  • The young women are empowered and able to make a positive impact in the economic development of their community.


But beyond simply offering employment for the women in these communities, Unspoken Smiles is redefining dental enterprise in a sustainable way. Instead of merely sending clinicians to treat these populations for intermittent periods of time, the fellowship is creating a stable body of professionals to serve as the first line of care in these communities.


Upon completion of their training, the women are ready to join the workforce by either working for a local dental office or joining one of the mobile clinics that the Foundation is planning to create. With this program, which is still in its pilot phase, children below the age of 16 will be treated for free whereas a reasonable fee is charged for those over 17 years of age.  This model not only supports the salaries of the fellows but covers the maintenance of equipment and other sundries.



Help us create sustainable mobile clinics to not only combat dentists' shortage in underserved communities but also create better access to quality dental services in our target communities.


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We Build Best-in-Class Alliances

At the UNSPOKEN SMILES, we are proud to partner with leading companies to build best-in-class alliances that enhance corporate and philanthropic objectives while helping save and improve the lives of children around the world.

UNSPOKEN SMILES partners with corporations across industries to make strategic investments in the issues and geographies that are important to our partners’ business operations.

As a partner, UNSPOKEN SMILES brings a truly global presence, extensive expertise, influence, and credibility in our lifesaving work for children, and a brand that consumers know and trust. When combined with the resources, knowledge, and commitment of our partners, the results can be tremendous.


As our programs continue to find success around the world we will partner with more and more countries. Together, our founder, our board, our partners, and you can continue to make changes in the lives of children in under-served communities everywhere.


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No person is too small to make a difference


Join the cause, make an impact. Every heart, every voice, every penny can make a difference in the lives of children in need.


Get Involved, Donate Today


Your dream to change the world is about to become a reality. We’re changing lives and your donation will be of great use.


UNSPOKEN SMILES Volunteers support the foundation’s mission of putting people's oral health first. Our Volunteers are of all ages and backgrounds who educate, advocate and fundraise on behalf of UNSPOKEN SMILES in their communities.

Our vast network of Volunteers has increased awareness on issues of oral health, women empowerment, education, decent work and economic growth and raised funds for UNSPOKEN SMILES  every year. 


Volunteers have hosted awareness events, such as panel discussions, speaking on the issues of oral health, Unspoken Smiles Fellowship, and women equality. Volunteers have held bake sales, dinner parties, Oral Cancer Walks, and hosted sporting events and online fundraisers, raising crucial funds for UNSPOKEN SMILES’s work to increase better access to oral care for all.

College Students

Start or join a UNSPOKEN SMILES Club at a College Campus and engage the community through UNSPOKEN SMILES campaigns and programs

Team Talk

Companies and employees can work together with UNSPOKEN SMILES to build best-in-class alliances that enhance corporate philanthropic objectives


Consider organizing a Fundraiser + Event to support UNSPOKEN SMILES's work in India, Guatemala, Colombia, Haiti, Kurdistan, El Salvador.

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Join a committee of young leaders in their 20s and 30s who commit their resources, resolve and enthusiasm towards supporting UNSPOKEN SMILES