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Activism birthed by tragedy

March 2011 - February 2014


Jean Paul Laurent made a visit to his home country of Haiti in March of 2011, barely a year after the earthquake of 2010. While there, he noticed the children, surrounded by distressing conditions, were still able to smile. But he noticed these smiles were severely deteriorating from a lack of proper dental care since the earthquake had hit. Jean Paul didn’t think it was right for such pure joy to be ruined by poor oral health and so he came up with the idea for Unspoken Smiles.


With a cause and a name, it was time to make change

May 2014 - Present


Since its creation, Unspoken Smiles Foundation went on to win a Resolution Project Fellowship that provided resources and seed funding that allowed us to initiate the pilot program in Jacmel, Haiti. This pilot began in May of 2014 and has been such a success that we are now moving our operations to many locations nationally as well as other countries.


Moving forward
September 2018 & Beyond


The ultimate goal of Unspoken Smiles is to reach children in need all over the world.  As our programs continue to find success around the world we will partner with more and more countries. Together, our founder, our board, our partners, and you can continue to make changes in the lives of children in underserved communities everywhere.


Learn more: About the  Unspoken Smiles Foundation, Approach, Programs, Financials, FAQ 


Since 2014:

  • 8 country representatives are working to address the world’s most overlooked health problems in their native countries.

  • Successful pilots launched on 4 continents

  • Secured approximately $250,000 in in-kind contributions

  • Served nearly 7,000 children in India, Romania, Haiti, Kurdistan Regional Iraq, USA, Guatemala, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic. 




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Jean Paul Laurent
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