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Unspoken Smiles is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to quality dental care to everyone, everywhere. Following the tragic earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, Jean Paul Laurent, then a student at New York University’s School of Dentistry and also a native of Haiti, returned home, to provide free dental care and supplies to people in a camp. During his time there, he was moved by the unwavering smiles of young children as they played amid the rubble and devastation around them, many of whom were suffering from severe tooth decay. It was this experience that opened Laurent’s eyes up to his purpose and the impact he needed to make. He vowed to preserve the quality and health of their smiles as well as that of all disadvantaged children around the world. Through his experience, Unspoken Smiles was born. 


When it was officially founded in 2014, Unspoken Smiles concentrated most of its efforts in Haiti. It partnered with schools in Haiti to provide oral screenings, education, and preventative care for children. In 2016, the organization expanded its reach to Iraqi Kurdistan, Guatemala, India, and other countries around the world to pursue its mission of achieving oral care for children globally. Today, Unspoken Smiles has grown to becoming a global movement, serving over 7,000 children in eight countries across four continents.


We create access to quality dental education and disease prevention programs for children, as well as career training in dentistry for women, to promote better oral health outcomes and economic development in the world’s most disadvantaged regions. 



We envision a future where children can enjoy healthy, happy smiles, free of oral disease and related health complications. 


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Unspoken Smiles  is a New York-based registered non-profit 501(c) (3).

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