Zero Cavity Challenge

Become a Zero Cavity Advocate for Children  in the Americas

Zero Cavity Mission: Our mission is to partner with individuals, organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, as well as other entities to implement strategies that will promote dental health and minimize tooth decay in children in the Americas.

Zero Cavity Vision: We envision a world where every child in North, South, Central America, and beyond, has equal access to dental resources and care. We hope that by doing so, we can decrease tooth decay and improve dental health in children.


Zero Cavity Principles:

  • Community-Driven: It surely takes a village to raise a child. Unspoken Smiles understands first hand the need for a community of people and organizations that are dedicated to improving wellness in our children, especially that of dental wellness. We believe that the organizations, government agencies, leaders, and other stakeholders, need to partner together with us as a community to achieve Zero Cavities for children in the Americas.

  • Accountability: Every child has a purpose to be great; therefore the people and entities that they or their families interact with should be accountable to advocate for their wellness so that they are in a better position to make an impact.

  • Sustainability: The Zero Cavity initiative is not limited to one day. We believe that the goal of achieving Zero Cavities should be long-term and implemented to be sustainable and consistent.

  • Human Rights: We believe that dental wellness is a basic human right and there is no reason for a child not to have access to such basic services as dental care.

  • Inclusion: Neither Socio-economic status, race, gender, nor any other demographic factor should be a reason as to why children are suffering from tooth decay or cannot access the resources for dental care.

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 20% of children and 13% of adolescents have at least one decayed tooth. In fact, tooth decay stands as one of the most common chronic diseases that children and adolescents face in the United States. Dental issues of this magnitude can impact cognitive, mental functioning, and academic performance. The environments where children and adolescents spend most of their time, such as school, should be intentional about increasing awareness of dental hygiene and managing the risks of tooth decay.

Unspoken Smiles is committed to ensuring that children have the support and resources they need to achieve dental health. We all know that it takes a village and a community to ensure the health and safety of our children. We are calling on public and private agencies, foundations, academic institutions, as well as other organizations to partner with us in this campaign to combat dental disease in children.

Your participation in this challenge requires you to make a commitment that is (S) Specific, (M) Measurable, (A) Attainable, and (T) Timely. Your commitment will be one that will make a specific impact by implementing policy, taking action, or establishing a culture of social responsibility toward this cause.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all children around the Americas have equal access to dental services and minimize the risks of tooth decay.

How You Can Participate

  • Academic institutions and Educational Agencies can implement policies that ensure students can receive a dental examination during their yearly check-up before the school year

  • Financial Institutions can provide monetary support to sponsor Educational projects geared towards achieving optimal dental health for children and adolescents

  • Government agencies can influence the policies and laws that can facilitate access to dental care for children and adolescents

  • Individuals and small businesses can either donate to projects or increase awareness of dental health for children and adolescents in the Americas

  • Research institutes can join forces with academic organizations or other entities to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs put in place for dental health

Take a Pledge to be a Zero Cavity Supporter!

I/We Pledge

  • … to become an activist in decreasing tooth decay and achieve maximum dental health for children in the Americas.

  • … to support the Zero Cavity Challenge’s Vision, Mission, and element to ensure that children have adequate access to dental resources and care.

  • … to advocate for the policies, programs, and initiatives that will yield Zero Cavities in children.

  • … to build awareness of the dental challenges that children in the Americas face as well as the need to prioritize their dental wellness

  • … to encourage and partner with others to take on the challenge and achieve the mission of the Zero Cavity challenge.

  • … to hold myself and others accountable in delivering on my promise.

Partner with Us in the Zero Cavity Challenge (FORM)

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  • Government Agency

  • Academic Organization

  • Financial Institutions

  • Small Business

  • Research institutions

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Name of Individual or Representative: _______

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How do you intend to participate in the Zero Cavity Challenge?

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  • I will advocate for policy/law changes or implementations

  • I will drive an initiative in my organization

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  • What is the Zero Cavity Challenge?  The Zero Cavity Challenge is an initiative to achieve optimal dental health for all children by partnering with individuals, groups, and organizations to implement solutions that can reduce tooth decay for children across the Americas.

  • Why was the Zero Cavity Challenge initiated? Unspoken Smiles recognizes that there is a significant need for children to access adequate care to ensure their dental health. We know that our impact will be more significant when we can partner with others in our mission. So, we have extended this mission to other organizations, agencies, and institutions. You can learn more background by following this link. (Insert Hyperlink)

  • Can I be part of the challenge on my own or with my friends? Absolutely! You can be an advocate, sponsor, or activist in achieving Zero Cavities for children in your local community or overseas.

  • What countries are involved in this Zero Cavity Challenge? While our primary goal is to achieve Zero Cavities for children in the Americas, we hope that this initiative can extend to children globally.